Heavy Towing & Road Service Roadside Repair and Service

Heavy Towing & Road Service

Heavy towing, recovery, and hauling + 24/7 Road Service Assistance

Roadside Repair and Service

Experienced, well-trained mechanics and tow truck operators


Haynie Towing is the reliable choice for prompt heavy-duty towing and recovery, as well as road service and in shop repairs for large, heavy-duty trucks, semi-trucks, trailers, box trucks or commercial service trucks. We’ve got you covered for break downs, accidents, rollovers or other emergency incidents.

We have the specialized equipment to get you and your heavy-duty truck to our shop or to the appropriate shop of your choice for repair services.




• Heavy duty towing
• Medium duty towing
• Light duty towing
• RV towing

• Heavy duty roadside repair & service
• RV roadside repair & service
• Recovery & clean-up capability
• Tire repair

• Experienced, well trained mechanics
• Experienced tow truck operators
• Shop facilities
• Computer diagnostics

• Secure impound and storage
• Scale violations (out of service issues)
• Load completion available
• Bobcat and forklift service